Most African countries today face a violent future because of greed for power which make people suffer because of bad and violent politics. 

The politics of caste, corruption, wealth and Hustler Vs Dynasties is a poisoned chalice for the society here. A fire breathing dragon that would consume Kenya and Africa faster than we would imagine, those watering its roots should be weary.

This minacious narrative has got nothing to do with political ideology but it is radicalization which could culminate into ‘Class Warfare’ being propagated by Deputy President as his vehicle to the Presidency in 2022.

Class wars are very dangerous. When the real Hustlers hijack it, they will overrun even those who started it. It’s already happening, motor vehicles belonging to innocent people have been torched. The writings are on the wall, let those who have eyes see, and ears listen.

Kenyans should not to be misled by a few corrupt politicians or parasites that have also amassed wealth but claim to be poor. This should not be allowed. Nobody in Kenya should use poverty connotations to hoodwink Kenyans and attract political support. Kenyans must open their eyes wider and say no to such trickery individuals. The Hustlers vs Dynasty narratives are an excuse for lynching innocent Kenyans. At all costs, it must be stopped.

It is essentially a red herring. First and foremost, the problem in this country is not “dynasties” or self-styled hustlers like Ruto and Tanga Tanga per se. It is corruption. That is what must be eradicated. Bogus tales of childhood deprivation are a distraction. The politics of compensation because you got your Bata shoes from Onyango when others had shoes is very dangerous.

When people are not too eager for their true selves to be unmasked, they throw up smokescreens like this “Dynasties vs Hustlers” nonsense. It’s pathetic and deceiving. Kenyans shouldn’t be too quick to buy such a raw balderdash. Their children go to good schools and they get good medical care but turn around to say they are hustlers.

It is clear from the misplaced narrative, that Dr. William Ruto has created a clique of ”Hustlers” who think that the rich or anyone who is well off is the reason why they are poor. They are burning cars and destroying property in the name of hustler’s spirit, and this is a tragedy glaring at Kenya.

Frankly, this HUSTLER narrative very soon one will not be able to drive his or her small car on the road, those who do not have a motorcycle will christen those who own one a Dynasty. Your small retail shop or dairy cow will earn you a space in the list of Dynasties. The narrative is fast mutating and melting down into our society and family unit.

Soon it won’t be about “imaginary hustlers”. It will be between a Kamau in Nyeri who thinks his brother is a Dynasty because he owns a parcel of land and he does not, a Kiptoo in Bureti who thinks by owning a cow in the village, his neighbour is a Dynasty.

They say ‘The rich like Dr. William Ruto and Tanga Tanga brigade declare the war, but it’s the poor like Kamau and Masinde who fight it’, soon those who started this narrative will stand aside or take their children to the USA as Kenyans fight and kill their very own kith and kin for something Kenyans never knew before. 

Kenyans should embrace the Redemption Strategy of HEALING and uniting Kenyans which President Kenyatta is advocating for. It is impossible for Kenya to conduct elections in 2022 without reforms in the mechanisms. 

Therefore the BBI process is necessary and could create Unity of PURPOSE and leave a Legacy of united a Kenya.



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